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nanotechniq is a technology research & development company driven by creative vision. With over 20 years of experience  designing digital media workflows with unique hardware & software solutions, our goal is to develop innovative purpose built hardware & software solutions for media professionals.  All our development efforts are designed to increasing system performance, while simplifying the end user's experience.


Inspired by the demands of the motion picture and television industry, nanotechniq's vision began by finding ways to improve the various processes associated with film & video production. Over time, this vision has expanded to encompass a broad range of technologies in digital media, including film & data preservation Ultra High Def UHDTV, not to mention Human interface design.


This Web site is to serve as a portal for all projects & products currently under development.  As a result this site will be updated with preliminary specs and product descriptions.   We will be making efforts to make small R&D production runs on certain projects, available for sale as soon as Q 3 2014.


In addition to innovative product development, nanotechniq also offers specialized creative research and consulting services, helping creative professionals bring their products & ideas to life.



16 channel MADI/ADAT  audio interface designed

to work with the nE1.1AV audio appliance


Computing appliance optimized for

real-time digital audio applications


multi-touch, multi-user, fully customizable

audio mixing & automation control surface


Embedded real-time windows, Linux or Android Operating environment & customizable hardware control interface.

Integrated Platform Development


Wide scale high output ultra efficient lighting for industrial applications.

Scientific grade multi spectral light sources with nanometer accuracy.

Retro High quality power efficient lighting for film/video production & Live Performance applications.

Portable lighting for agricultural and biological use.


Intelligent Lighting Solutions


Digital Media Services

It is our passion to solve the complexities that arise in the integration of new technologies with preexisting methods and practices. We have built our research on years of experience in computer sciences and digital media entertainment, lending our working knowledge of media file formats and editorial workflow to some of Hollywood's big budget productions.


Our consulting covers a broad range of post production services:


- Raw 4K resolution and beyond

- Image processing

- Digial dailies

- Color correction

- Studio deliverables

- Workflow consulting

- Media management


We also provide full support and production  for all of the latest digital media cameras and formats, including:


- Arri Alexa

- Sony F5, F55, F65

- RED, Epic, Scarlet

- Avid DNX


- Apple Final Cut Pro

- Apple Pro Res HD


- Raw

- and many more...

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